Our own checklist formulated by our in-house product design engineers includes 70 points for mechanical design and 20 points for electrical/electronic design, as a starting point. It documents how your product can be designed for better manufacturability.

Here’s an excerpt of our DFM review checklist so you can see some of its detail and the checkpoints our engineers cover:

sofeast DFM checklist excerpt

What kinds of design file adjustments will Sofeast engineers suggest?

Following the DFM review, our engineers will suggest some design improvements that will make your product more manufacturable. Here’s an example design improvement we’ve made before about improving ultrasonic welding on a product:

dfm review example improvement

In terms of deliverables aside from the checklist, our engineers will typically:

  • Review your files for manufacturing the custom-designed parts, and for assembly when it comes to the whole system. We let you know what is difficult, not advised or just not feasible at all — for both fabrication and the surface treatment and finishes — and we suggest alternatives that will be consistent with the design intent.
  • Hold reviews for quality and/or for cost, depending on your priorities and the maturity of your design to ensure the project can be a commercial success. If a failure in the field (or in the hands of users) will be costly, a risk analysis for durability & reliability can be done.
  • Provide you with our engineers’ suggested adjustments to your design files that will improve the manufacturability of your product.

We will also sign an NNN agreement for your peace of mind to protect your IP.

To learn more about how and why Sofeast can help you perfect your product design and make it more feasible to manufacture without being too costly or difficult, for example, take a look at our DFM review solution.

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