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Can current Sofeast clients provide me with a testimonial for your work?

We're sorry, this usually isn't possible as we work under strict agreements with clients that prohibit us from identifying them in order to protect their identity. However, some clients have kindly agreed to share testimonials on this page: See Sofeast … Continue reading
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What sort of liability does Sofeast assume for product defects occurring after an inspection?

Let’s take a quick example question. If Sofeast conducts a product inspection on a batch of our goods in China, passes them as reaching acceptable quality, and then upon arrival to us in the USA it’s found that there are … Continue reading

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What does Sofeast need to know to get started working with me on my new product development project?

Let’s say you have a product idea that you want to work with us on development and then production. The good news is, we CAN help support at every stage as we have our own in-house R&D team and production/assembly … Continue reading

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I want to regularly employ Sofeast to perform product inspections. Can you give me a lower price?

Yes. The rate we’ll charge for clients who consistently use us for product inspections is negotiable starting at 5 regular man-days per month. If you are a current client and have any questions about this, contact us or speak with … Continue reading

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Do you provide reliability testing?

Yes, we do provide reliability testing! You’ll provide us with information about product specifications and components, the intended usage, and the warranty duration (if any), etc, and we use this to make a reliability testing plan suitable for your needs … Continue reading

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What happens if an inspection is failed?

Unfortunately, some product inspections are failed as for whatever reason/s the products don’t reach your quality standard. A positive of this is that you found out before products were shipped to you all the way from China! We will help … Continue reading

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How do you calculate the sample size to check in inspections?

In general, we use random sampling inspections where the inspector will use AQL tables to produce the correct sample number. This allows us to randomly select a sample of products from a given batch which will be representative of the … Continue reading

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When does it make more sense to do something in the Free Trade Zone than outside it?

Here’s a quick summary of when Sofeast clients will benefit from using the Free Trade Zone facility: When some/all of the components come from outside mainland China. They can be stored, assembled, packed, and shipped out, without technically being ‘imported’ … Continue reading

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Will the quality of my products be perfect following an inspection?

Product quality inspections can’t guarantee 100% perfect quality, because a product’s quality comes from its initial design, the inputs used, and the production processes, as well as other factors, too. Rather, inspections will help you reduce risks and find quality issues … Continue reading

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What do you offer at your Free Trade Zone facility?

Our free trade zone facility primarily provides repair, packing, & fulfillment solutions. It is a warehousing facility near the Yantian container port which has low or no duties to pay so you can take advantage of it to receive your … Continue reading

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