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3 Product Design Approaches And Their Pros & Cons For Made-In-China Products

Before sourcing your Chinese supplier, let’s find out what kind of inventor you are (as each has different product design approaches that have different benefits) and also consider 6 product design tips in order to get better results.

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What Common Improvements Can DFM Make To Die Cast Parts?

It is important to establish a fully optimized part design before any tools are manufactured for your die-cast product. This can be achieved by applying Design for Manufacture (DFM) best practices. You should also incorporate the use of tools such as … Continue reading

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Common Design For Manufacture Improvements On Plastic Injection Molded Parts

How do you ensure your design is mature, and you are ready to order the fabrication of the mold for your new injection molded plastic part? One way is to carry out a Design for Manufacture (DFM) analysis. This way, … Continue reading

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