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Plastic & Metal Development Prototypes: Uses & Limitations [Podcast]

Adrian hosts and is joined by Sofeast Group senior engineer, Paul Adams, and they talk about the uses and limitations of the metal and plastic ‘development prototypes,’ that is to say, product prototypes made during the development process and before … Continue reading

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List of CNC Parts Manufacturers in Southern India (10 choices)

CNC parts from India are a viable alternative to those from China today, and many of the machine shops are situated in Southern India's Chennai in Tamil Nadu. CNC machined parts are very popular today for both rapid prototypes and … Continue reading
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Exploring The Benefits Of Rapid Prototyping And Rapid Tooling [Podcast]

Listen to our latest podcast where we discuss the benefits of rapid prototyping and the different rapid tooling technologies you may take advantage of! You’ll learn: what rapid prototyping is the difference between additive and subtractive manufacturing methods for prototypes … Continue reading

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Different Prototyping Methods In China Importers Should Know About

When it comes to developing and manufacturing hard goods in China and beyond (be it a plastic case for an electrical product, a new type of metal jewel, a new mechanical part…), making prototypes is an important part of the new product development process. … Continue reading

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