Why Are Pilot Runs So Important When Launching New Products? [Podcast]

Pilot runs aren’t just a ‘good idea,’ they’re a must when manufacturing new products as you are about to find out…

Renaud and Adrian from the team explore an important part of the new product launch process: pilot runs.

In this episode, they’ll be exploring the following questions: What is a pilot run, why is it so important when bringing new products to market, and what are the benefits we can expect when performing them before going into full production?

After listening you will see why pilot runs are such an important tool in order to minimize the risks you face when launching a new product, in particular.


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🎧 Why Pilot Runs Are A ‘Must-Do’ When Launching New Products 🎧

Here’s a summary of key sections of this episode:

✅ Why PRs are such an important activity
✅ PRs as a tool to validate the workshop’s capability to mass-produce the products
✅ How many PRs to perform before starting mass-production
✅ How PRs are conducted in different industries
✅ Do smaller production runs still need a pilot?
✅ Why Chinese manufacturers often don’t like PRs
✅ A list of benefits the PR will give to you


Additional content related to today’s episode…

Do you perform pilot runs before mass-production? What benefits have you gained from them? Let us know by leaving a comment, please.


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