Sofeast’s Andrew Amirnovin, product reliability expert, joins Adrian from the team to introduce reliability testing and explain the kinds of questions you’ll need to answer if you’re bringing a new product to market and want to assure that it’s as reliable as possible. You may know that you need your product to be reliable, but what’s involved? Listen in, and you’ll get a good grounding in reliability and be ready to answer the questions your reliability engineer will be asking you.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introduction to today’s topic.
  • 02:01 – What is product reliability?
  • 04:41 – Quality is not the same as reliability.
  • 07:06 – Someone doesn’t know how to get started with reliability testing. What questions might we ask them in order to proceed?
    – What industry is the product in?
    – What kind of product is it?
  • 14:29 – What are your reliability needs for the product?
  • 16:54 – What if someone’s reliability demands are too extreme or not strict enough?
  • 18:45 – Examples of common reliability testing requirements for a typical consumer product (a smartwatch in this case).
  • 22:11 – Reliability does have a cost, but is it a worthwhile investment?
  • 28:45 – For many consumer products, focus on your product being at least reliable enough to last beyond its warranty period, but without over-designing and testing it to the point of overkill.
  • 30:49 – Wrapping up.


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