Sofeast CEO Renaud welcomes our friend Fredrik Grönkvist of to the show today to discuss all things EU product compliance. Fredrik provides a helpful overview of the common types of banned or restricted substances that you need to look out for and EU regulations or directives you’ll need to comply with.

Sofeast recently did research to find data about non-compliant products found by EU market surveillance authorities in the past year, so they delve into that to see what we can learn.

They also provide some great advice about how to assure compliance from your suppliers and wider supply chain during the procurement stage of your project which is helpful no matter where you’re listening!


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Watch: on Youtube (The video version is a recording of the discussion and includes graphs and charts showing the data discussed)


Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Introducing our guest: Fredrik Grönkvist of Compliancegate and our topic today.
  • 03:16 – Why has the EU banned certain substances from being used in products?
  • 05:40 – Examining the list of non-compliant products caught in the EU since 2022 for chemical composition safety reasons. What can we learn?
  • 10:00 – 4 directives or regulations related to the chemical makeup of products imported into the EU.
  • 16:02 – What are the key non-compliances and problem substances found for common product categories imported into the EU in the past year?
  • 23:09 – Are there any problems with using data about harmful substances found and common non-compliances to predict future issues with your products?
  • 27:36 – What actions do importers need to take to be compliant in general?
  • 29:16 – What’s the role of procurement when it comes to product compliance?
  • 36:35 – Wrapping up.


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We are not lawyers. What we wrote above is based only on our understanding of the regulatory requirements. Sofeast does not present this information as a basis for you to make decisions, and we do not accept any liability if you do so. Please consult a lawyer before taking action.

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