Design for Reliability Secrets podcast post Our head of New Product Development, Andrew Amirnovin, stops by to explain what DfR is, what an unreliable product looks like so you know what to avoid, the DfR process, and some secrets to implementing design for reliability that are often missed.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introducing the topic of DfR.
  • 01:08 – What is DfR and its objectives?
  • 04:29 – What makes an unreliable product?
  • 20:26 – What are some of the secrets to applying DfR that people need to know about?
  • 23:08 – Recap: The best engineering practices for reliability.
  • 24:32 – The process we follow to reduce our clients’ reliability risks.
  • 28:37 – Wrapping up.


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