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What is reliability & durability testing?

Simply put, you need to make sure the product is functional and reliable before all else, otherwise, you will be overwhelmed by user complaints.

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Reliability & durability testing is simply the evaluation and forecast of the way a product will behave once it is used “in the field” (which often means “in the end-user’s hands”, but can have other meanings). The most common questions a testing report answers are:

  • Is the product likely to keep working all through its intended life (or warranty duration), based on intended use?
  • What are its failure modes? (This helps designers tremendously to improve on the design.)
  • Is there a chance the product leads to safety issues or other catastrophic breakdowns?
  • Is the packaging likely to protect the product during transportation and warehousing?

This makes particular sense if you are planning to sell an electrical, electronic, and/or mechanical product and if a failure after sale might have disastrous consequences. For example, if your product includes batteries, a charger, a heating system, or other risky components, make sure it is unlikely to hurt anybody.

Any company developing a new electro-mechanical product and wants to confirm and/or improve on their latest design needs this solution.

(Remember, many defects come from manufacturing, and they are usually detected right after delivery; many defects also come from design, and they are typically detected 6-18 months after delivery.)

And any importer who buys existing products without being 100% sure that they have a history of performing safely (note: this comes in addition to compliance testing. Just following the applicable safety regulations of your country may NOT be sufficient to keep you out of trouble, depending on the product and its applications.)

We start from the product specifications and components, the intended usage, and the warranty duration (if any). Based on these criteria, we define the scope of work, and we give you a quotation.

Note: We may ask for your budget. If we see it is quite tight, we will only suggest the few tests that we estimate to make the most sense.

We typically perform these reliability tests (here’s our in-house testing equipment), although we’re not limited to them:

sofeast reliability test examples

We provide you with a test report that is based on the scope of work you approved, with comments in case issues are found.

  • If you’re launching a new product our Compliance Testing Consulting solution will also be useful. Our team assesses your needs and will confirm which compliance testing is suitable and provide quotations from 2 trusted laboratories for it.
  • You will also find sample evaluation and comparison helpful in order to assure that the samples you’re getting from a potential supplier or from pre-production with your current supplier reach your expectations and you can proceed without the fear of damaging issues with your production batches later on.

What does reliability & durability testing cost?

We provide a tailored price for each client based on the scope of work.

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Andrew Amirnovin

NPD Head & Reliability Engineer

Our head of New Product Development, Andrew Amirnovin, is an electrical and electronics engineer and a reliability & quality expert who previously worked with electrical giants such as Nokia, AT&T, LG, GoPro, and Medtronics.

Andrew is an ASQ-Certified Reliability Engineer and he is our customers’ go-to resource when it comes to building reliability into the products we help develop.

renaud anjoran

Renaud Anjoran

CEO & Reliability Engineer

Founder and CEO of the Sofeast group, Renaud is a recognised expert in quality and supply chain issues and is an ASQ-Certified ‘Quality Engineer’, ‘Reliability Engineer’, and ‘Quality Manager’, and a certified ISO 9001 & 14001 Lead Auditor.

He often helps oversee reliability projects.

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