Sourcing Chinese Manufacturers_ Western Or Chinese Model_ [Podcast]Our CEO Renaud wrote this guest post on Harris Bricken’s ‘China Law Blog’ explaining the two typical Chinese manufacturing models for importers looking for a partner to help them develop and mass produce their new product.

In this episode, he discusses the two models in more detail with Adrian from the Sofeast team and you’ll learn why Chinese manufacturers usually don’t behave in the same way as those in the West or those following a Western model in China. When developing a product you need to be careful that both sides’ expectations are clear from the start, your IP is protected, and you understand the pros & cons of each model. Renaud explores all of this here.

Usually, transparency, control, and IP protection are key requirements for SMEs and entrepreneurs bringing an innovative product to market, and you’ll also see why these needs really influence the type of manufacturer that you probably want to be working with in China.

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Listen: Chinese Or Western Model Manufacturer. Which To Use In China?

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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings & introduction
  • 01:59 – Who does the product engineering design work?
  • 08:16 – The ‘Western Model’ and its pros & cons
  • 18:13 – The ‘Chinese Model’ and its pros & cons
  • 33:03 – How do you select which model is better for your needs?
  • 38:50 – Wrapping up.


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Here at Sofeast, we are not lawyers. What we discussed above is based only on our understanding of the legal requirements. We do not present this information as a basis for you to make decisions, and we do not accept any liability if you do so. Consider consulting a lawyer before making legal decisions.


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