Importer’s ‘Supply Chain Spring Clean’ Checklist To Find Risks & Opportunities

Got some time on your hands during Chinese New Year while your suppliers are on holiday?

In this bumper 43 minute Chinese New Year episode to keep you entertained during the holiday, Renaud & Adrian discuss tasks importers can perform to spring clean their supply chains during the CNY holiday when you might have a little extra time on your hands.

The point of this episode is to provoke some thought and help you to face some of the more difficult questions and tasks that often get put on ice during the normal day-to-day busy operations and running of a company. But the benefits are out there for importers who take time to assess their supply chains, so, with that in mind, listen to Renaud’s checklist of topics if you want to reduce YOUR supply chain risks & take advantage of untapped opportunities to get better results in 2021 and beyond! 👏


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🎧 Importer’s ‘Supply Chain Spring Clean’ Checklist To Find Risks & Opportunities 🎧

Here’s a summary of key sections of this episode:

✅ Risks associated with your current supplier base
✅ Consolidate and strengthen relationships with key suppliers
✅ Rank & yank poor-performing factories
✅ Implement strong legal agreements
✅ Supply chain transparency
✅ Redesign of key products for better durability & reliability
✅ Implement an NPI process
✅ Level up local sourcing teams
✅ Level up local QC teams
✅ Inventory management
✅ Using an ERP or other IT systems to improve business management

Happy new year! 新年快乐!


Additional reading about the topics mentioned in today’s episode…


Which of these points in the checklist do you want to examine to reduce risks or uncover interesting opportunities?

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