How To Work With Industrial Designers? [Podcast] British product designer Andy Bartlett joins Adrian from the team for an interesting episode about all things industrial design.

Andy shares some great information and advice for people starting out in industrial design and entrepreneurs and businesses who’re looking to work with a designer to expand on their product concept and create a manufacturing-ready product design.

You’ll learn what ID is to a designer, the best practices they follow, tools used and processes followed, how to work with them efficiently, and much more.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings
  • 00:59 – Today’s topic
  • 1:10 – Andy introduces himself and his experience as a product designer
  • 02:16 – What is industrial design?
  • 04:56 – When can/should you engage an industrial designer?
  • 07:13 – What tools & processes will industrial designers use?
  • 11:34 – Can you go into prototyping before finishing 3D designs?
  • 13:24 – CMF: Color, Material, and Finishes
  • 17:22 – Is it beneficial for industrial designers to specialize in one product type or have a broader experience?
  • 19:14 – Why compromise is a useful skill for designers
  • 21:11 – What information do industrial designers need from their clients at the start of an engagement and how to manage the customer’s requirements?
  • 28:57 – Tips about being a part of a multinational project (customer in one country, designer in another, production supplier in Asia)
  • 33:33 – Wrapping up


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Andy has been on the show before, and you may remember him from shows about good project management of Chinese suppliers and NPI process best practices.


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