How to Calculate the Cash Needed to Prototype & Launch your New ProductSofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran and Adrian kick off the episode by talking about Hong Kong’s new and improved immigration and Covid procedures and the heatwaves and droughts in China that have been affecting manufacturing there.

The main topic is learning how to calculate the key costs you need to know in order to successfully launch your new product. What investment will you need to get it developed and made? What will the cost per unit be by the time you’ve imported it? What will your selling price be? Renaud answers these questions for you and provides a breakdown of items and activities that make up each cost.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings.
  • 00:37 – How visiting Hong Kong in August 2022 has become easier.
  • 04:20 – What effects are the heatwave and drought in China, especially in the Western provinces of Sichuan and Chongqing, having on manufacturing?
  • 09:13 – The psychological side of launching a new product and how ambition affects a product launch.
  • 14:46 – What are the finance numbers involved?
  • 22:59 – What’s included in these costs? (action & item breakdown)
  • 32:39 – Why do many products end up being sold at a loss?
  • 35:06 – Other ‘hidden issues’ that don’t always show up in the calculations.
  • 37:39 – In summary.


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