As tensions rise between China and the USA, is a new ‘Cold War’ brewing? If so, what effect is this or could this be having on manufacturing?

A New ‘Cold War’ Between The USA & China’s Effect On Manufacturing

Our CEO Renaud and Adrian from Sofeast go political in this episode, discussing how the political rhetoric and actions towards China by the USA and other Western nations are on a downward trend and how the media seem to encourage this, too.

Renaud posted this recent Forbes article which suggested that Americans polled would be prepared to pay 20% more for goods manufactured in democracies on LinkedIn, and it caused quite some debate. Despite the inflammatory nature of an article like this, how realistic is it that today’s consumers will pay less for non-Chinese goods, and is the media just playing a political game? Does China market itself well enough on a global stage, or is it just misunderstood? Does a Western worldview make it almost impossible to accept and agree with Chinese power?

Given that China still controls a large share of the world’s manufacturing, it’s important to try to predict how these political tensions may affect importers in the coming years, and that’s what we set out to do right here.


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🎧 A New ‘Cold War’ Between The USA & China’s Effect On Manufacturing 🎧

Here’s a summary of key sections of this episode:

✅ If Americans would truly pay a premium for non-Chinese goods.
✅ Militant consumers.
✅ Could anti-China news turn consumers away from Chinese goods?
✅ How militant consumers have affected apparel brands.
✅ The negative sentiment towards China and what’s causing it.
✅ Why the ‘Western viewpoint’ doesn’t help build bridges.
✅ What is the ‘Cold War’ trend of containment and decoupling we’re seeing developing?
✅ Is it actually ‘wrong’ for China to build its own global power and influence?
✅ Is decoupling really happening at pace?
✅ Is Vietnam ready to take on companies trying to decouple from China?


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