10 Sourcing Tips & Hacks to help you Find the Right Suppliers in AsiaWhat is the right supplier and how do you find them? Sit tight, because we’ve got a great video full of sourcing tips and hacks that will help you!


Get help to source a great supplier from Asia

Well, this isn’t an easy question to answer, but perhaps our CEO Renaud’s live presentation on finding the right suppliers that he gave in Hong Kong in October 2022 will help (thanks to Global Sources for inviting us to their summit in HK to do this presentation).

Want the slides? 🤔 Contact us to ask for them and we’ll email them to you directly.


What’s discussed?

In it, Renaud takes you through 10 key areas that will help you source and screen a suitable supplier in China or elsewhere in Asia from what is no doubt a large pool of options in many cases.

You’ll need to watch the presentation to explore all ten areas, but here are a few:

  1. Performing a background check on their company
  2. Asking the right questions before visiting the factory
  3. Checking the supplier’s product engineering capability
  4. Doing a subjective evaluation on-site
  5. Performing factory quality audits of their systems
  6. …and more!


“I still need help!” 😥

No problem, we have plenty more resources filled with sourcing tips and hacks that could help you on your way with sourcing and vetting suppliers. Take a look at these…

After you’ve been through these resources, we’d love to have a conversation with you about sourcing suitable suppliers if you still have questions. Get in touch with us here because our purchasing team includes local experts on-site in different Asian countries who may be able to make your life a lot easier in the search for a great supplier.

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