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Sourcing agents may not be right for you when you’re developing a new product

Some companies who develop their new products from scratch choose not to use sourcing agents, and they genuinely don’t feel that it’s necessary. But is this a wise move? Let’s unpack it…

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18 Steps for Selecting Electronic Components the Right Way

Adrian and Andrew Amirnovin, Sofeast’s reliability expert and our head of New Product Development, return and explore component selection (especially for electronics). This is just one piece of the manufacturing puzzle, but if you get it wrong it will come … Continue reading

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Plastic Injection Molds: 8 Tips For When Requesting Quotes

Some companies get to the point where they need plastic injection molds for their innovative product, typically for the enclosure and maybe a few plastic internal parts. Here are 8 tips for actions you should take before you confirm a … Continue reading

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EU Product Compliance Overview & Tips for Buyers (Feat. Fredrik Grönkvist)

Sofeast CEO Renaud welcomes our friend Fredrik Grönkvist of Compliancegate.com to the show today to discuss all things EU product compliance. Fredrik provides a helpful overview of the common types of banned or restricted substances that you need to look … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Alchemy! 5 Ways To Turn A ”Cheap” Product Into A High Profit One

Sofeast’s head of New Product Development, Andrew Amirnovin, is back with Adrian from the team. They’re talking about manufacturing alchemy: taking a cheap product and converting it into a high-profit one! How can importers do this? Andrew shares 5 ways … Continue reading

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Kraljic Matrix: Sourcing a Strategic Supplier – Are YOU a Good Fit for THEM?

This article explores the key factors that contribute to attracting and retaining strategic suppliers (outlined in the Kraljic matrix) while highlighting the importance of humanized supplier relationship management. By understanding the needs and aspirations of suppliers, cultivating trust, and avoiding … Continue reading

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How To Source Rare Electronic Components?

The microchip shortage the world has been experiencing since the Covid pandemic shows signs of easing now we’re in 2023, but the supply chain for certain components, especially some rare electronic components like certain chips, is still rocky. So, with … Continue reading

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11 Questions to Answer when Sourcing Chinese Contract Manufacturers for Electronics

When sourcing a new contract manufacturer in China, what are the main questions buyers need to answer before agreeing to work together? Renaud and Adrian cover 11 questions for buyers in this episode, especially those making electronic products (although much … Continue reading

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10 Sourcing Tips & Hacks to help you Find the Right Suppliers in Asia

What is the right supplier and how do you find them? Sit tight, because we’ve got a great video full of sourcing tips and hacks that will help you!

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Is My Supplier A Trading Company Pretending To Be A Manufacturer? | Disputes With Chinese Suppliers Q&A (Volume 17)

I’ve written before about Chinese trading companies masquerading as legitimate manufacturers before on a number of occasions on my blog QualityInspection.org, and the threats they can pose to importers haven’t disappeared. Here are some reasons why trading companies might be … Continue reading

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