Unfortunately, some product inspections are failed as for whatever reason/s the products don’t reach your quality standard. A positive of this is that you found out before products were shipped to you all the way from China!

We will help you take the next steps to solve the issues. Here’s how…

  1. You may choose to accept all of the products anyway after receiving the inspection report. Perhaps it’s possible to negotiate a rebate or discount with the supplier?
  2. You may follow up the inspection with a 100% inspection to filter out the ‘good’ products which can then be shipped to you, while the ‘bad’ products are returned to your supplier for repair, rework, or scrap while you get a rebate.
  3. The supplier can send staff to our free trade zone facility in Shenzhen to do rework or repair. Alternatively, we can do the repair/rework for you with our own team, too.

As we’re a 2nd party firm, you can expect us to provide some guidance on why the quality issues are occurring and how to fix them in the future. Our supplier performance management solutions can be very helpful if you need help in pushing suppliers to reach your standards.

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