There are 7 logical steps when investigating the causes of product failure:

  1. Obtain those samples
  2. Document any information about the failure (get user feedback and batch number)
  3. First analysis (categorize the products as follows: no longer functional / mostly functional / only an aesthetic issue / known or common issue / no issue found)
  4. Deeper analysis (explore what triggered the problem, discussion with product engineers may help, especially examining their design FMEA if possible)
  5. Is there a need for immediate containment? (If a user safety issue is found proceed to alert the users of the batch and action a recall if needed)
  6. Planning for corrective action(s) (you know the cause of the issue/s, if serious enough time to prevent them from returning, new prototypes and testing may need to be done to confirm the fix is beneficial)
  7. Implementing corrective action(s) and following up (if required action the fix on future products and follow up to assure this doesn’t trigger new problems)

If one of your products is experiencing failures, we are happy to quote based on a description of those failures.

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