Let’s say you’re just starting to design a new electro-mechanical product that is very new and relatively complex and want to outsource its design, testing, and prototyping for eventual manufacturing in China. You are no doubt concerned with IP protection of your idea, too.

Now is probably too early to engage us.

Tips for getting prepared

If you want to develop a new product idea you need to know your target market. We don’t know it as we are probably far away from the market, and that’s not one of our core competences. We can’t help in giving direction to the product designers.  

The first steps we usually recommend are:

  1. Prepare an initial draft of the user manual (how the product works).
  2. Describe the typical way users will use the product, in what situations, etc. (it will be useful for the designer).
  3. Work with an industrial designer to nail the outside appearance of your product – typically with a designer in your country.

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 IP protection

Here are some reading materials about the protection of your IP rights. We can help you with that, and it is good to plan for it, but you are probably too early in your project.

It’s not too early to work with us on vetting your potential supplier/s, though

Since you’re yet to choose a supplier, we can help you in the following ways at this very early stage:

These solutions all constitute a thorough vetting process, giving you as much reassurance as possible that the supplier you choose will be reliable, trustworthy, and capable of fulfilling your requirements.

How Sofeast can help you when your design is more mature

We are good at making the link between a product idea and a good production batch. But the “idea” needs to be somewhat formed. And some of the best ways to make an “idea” more mature are working on the aesthetic design, working on the user manual, etc.

Here are some testimonials from our customers

It may help you to see some testimonials here.

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