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10 Key Factors That Affect Supplier Production Capacity

Before you start working with a new supplier to manufacture your products in China, Vietnam, or elsewhere, you need to assess their production capacity… Chinese suppliers are prone to over-promising on their ability to handle orders. This is all very … Continue reading

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How To Validate Your Supplier’s Factory’s Production Capacity (From Abroad) [Podcast]

You can’t visit suppliers in China due to coronavirus. How can you validate their production capacity without going on-site? As we head into 2021 travelling to see suppliers in Asia, in particular China, remains difficult for most buyers due to … Continue reading

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How To Validate a Factory’s Production Capacity without Going On Site?

Some clients have asked us, ‘how to confirm that a factory has the capacity needed to make our orders, without us being able to fly to their factory?’ The inability to go and meet suppliers on site has been a … Continue reading

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