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Children’s Products: How Often To CPSIA Test Samples Without It Costing A Fortune?

To answer this question we’ll use the example of a company that is producing products that need to adhere to the CPSIA test requirements commonly required for toys and children’s products by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the USA. … Continue reading

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How Factory Audits, Inspections, and Lab Tests Fit Together

I am often asked questions such as “what is the difference between audits and inspections” or “why are lab tests necessary if you send an inspector”. In this article, I will show how these three types of solutions from Sofeast … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Damaging After Sales Quality Problems

What can importers do to avoid after sales quality problems that occur after a product has been shipped and is already on sale? Keep reading to understand what to do to mitigate or avoid these ‘long term quality issues’ in … Continue reading

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