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Why UL Certification for Product Safety is so Important for some Importers [Podcast]

Our head of New Product Development and resident product reliability expert, Andrew Amirnovin, joins Adrian in this bonus episode to introduce and talk about UL compliance. Andrew shares his experience to answer these questions: What is the UL certification? Who … Continue reading

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North American Product Safety & Compliance Certifications And Requirements For Electronics (UL, ETL, and CSA)

In continuation of our discussions on regulatory compliance requirements, in this post, we would like to focus our attention on three very prominent organizations for North American product safety and compliance certifications, UL, ETL, and CSA. Table of contents Click … Continue reading
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15 Key Eco Certifications For Green Manufacturers

Today’s consumers are increasingly taking a product’s eco certifications into account when making the decision to purchase products or not. How environmentally-friendly is the product? Does the company care about their carbon footprint? Is modern slavery an issue in the … Continue reading

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Children’s Products: How Often To CPSIA Test Samples Without It Costing A Fortune?

To answer this question we’ll use the example of a company that is producing products that need to adhere to the CPSIA test requirements commonly required for toys and children’s products by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the USA. … Continue reading

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How Important Are Safety/Compliance Laboratory Certifications For Your Made-In-China Product?

While developing and manufacturing a new product in China, it is worthwhile trying to get laboratory certifications that demonstrate the safety and compliance of your products. Why? It’s about your liability and about what your customers will think of your … Continue reading

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