Why Taobao is Unsuitable for Sourcing Parts used in Mass Production [Podcast]Sofeast’s CEO Renaud explains why sourcing parts from Taobao is too risky, joined by Adrian from the team. 

When developing new products in China it’s easy to buy parts quickly and at a low price from Taobao, and that’s OK for a rough proof-of-concept prototype. But if these parts make it onto your final BOM you’re opening yourself up to serious quality, reliability, safety, and compliance risks, that could kill your product.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings + why not to take checked baggage on flights within Europe + the UK’s 2-day heatwave 😂 
  • 01:59 – Today’s topic: Why not to buy parts from Taobao to use in mass production?
  • 02:40 – What is Taobao?
  • 10:36 – Scams and other issues on Taobao.
  • 11:32 – Why buying parts from Taobao for use in early proof-of-concept prototypes is fine.
  • 13:00 – More advanced prototypes and mass production are not the same as proof-of-concept.
  • 15:55 – 5 reasons why using Taobao parts for mass production is not a good idea.
  • 27:06 – Could your IP be at risk when dealing with Taobao vendors, and will you get the best price?
  • 28:29 – You can’t really pay and get an invoice (fapiao) that is needed for business purchases.
  • 30:58 – The lack of transparency and control.
  • 32:06 – Wrap-up.


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