Q&A Fabric quality + US Tariffs + Volatile material costs [Podcast]

Sofeast’s CEO, Renaud, answers three interesting questions sent in by our podcast listeners.

They are: how to communicate the fabric quality standard you need to suppliers, tactics for coping with US tariffs on China-made goods, and strategies to cope with volatile material costs today that seem to be rising all of the time.


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Listen: Clarifying fabric quality requirements + Coping with US Tariffs on China-made goods + Handling volatile prices.

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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings & Introduction
  • 01:43 – “How to communicate the quality of materials/fabrics you want to buy to your supplier..? There are qualitative aspects that are outside a fabric spec description.”
  • 13:02 – How to minimize tariffs on China-made goods imported to the USA under our brand?
  • 24:58 – Any tactics for handling volatile material and shipping costs today?
  • 32:03 – Is China as affected by energy cost rises as other regions right now?
  • 34:32 – Wrapping up. 


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