The EU is bringing in sustainability regulations in 2025 that will demand that you have full visibility over your supply chain and can provide evidence of who is in it, where they are, and what materials and components go into your product so the product’s sustainability can be seen, i.e. you don’t use unsustainable or harmful materials or have suppliers in highlighted areas, such as where there might be forced labor.
But are importers ready?
This episode shows you what kind of effort lies ahead to become compliant for EU importers.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introduction.
  • 01:40 – The EU ‘Green Deal’s’ new sustainability requirements and what they mean.
  • 07:35 – What sustainability information must be collected?
  • 17:12 – How easy will it be to get visibility into your supply chain?
  • 29:18 – Approaches used to oversee supply chains.
  • 43:46 – Why the old business model of buying off-the-shelf products from an ODM will probably need to change?
  • 46:14 – Conclusion: What you can do to prepare and how this will affect many areas in future.


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