Renaud welcomes e-commerce guru and host of the popular ‘The Seller Process’ podcast, Gianmarco Meli, to the podcast today to talk about building better systems and processes for your company if you’re importing and selling products that you make or buy in low-cost Asia online via e-commerce and want to be more successful.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Introducing today’s topic and Gianmarco.
  • 04:19 – When starting up with e-commerce, what to work on (and optimize/systematize) first?
  • 15:52 – Tips for systematizing and improving processes.
  • 21:11 – When importing products and selling them in e-commerce, what are the biggest risks to watch out for? And what are the processes that really make a difference in reaching business objectives?
  • 27:09 – The number 1 risk when selling products online.
  • 30:02 – How to build good relationships with suppliers?
  • 39:10 – Wrapping up.


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