Renaud and Adrian from the team tackle how to design products with less negative environmental impacts and share and comment on the 39  environmental improvement strategies from the IEC 62430:2019 standard for environmentally conscious design.

You’ll find that you won’t need to implement all of these ideas, but let’s say you do a lifecycle assessment and find a few key areas to improve, even a few relevant strategies from this podcast could reduce your environmental footprint by a lot which could be beneficial in terms of reducing costs, pleasing customers, and being a greener business!


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introduction: why are we talking about products’ environmental footprints and sustainability?
  • 09:54 – Good product design practices for bringing to market products with a lower environmental impact from IEC 62430:2019.
  • 14:09 – 1. Design for material sourcing
  • 24:44 – 2. Design for manufacture
  • 30:45 – 3. Design for transport and distribution
  • 36:58 – 4. Design for use (including installation and maintenance)
  • 51:23 – 5. Design for end of life
  • 55:11 – Why importers need to start thinking about and planning for more sustainable products


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