NAOX: Integrated sports cap & sunglasses

NAOX needed help with design, engineering including material selection, prototyping and production.

  • Key challenges: Working with a large number of suppliers covering different fields (textiles, PVC, plastic injection, silicon, packaging, logistics…), designing reliable and effective system to hold the glasses.
  • Examples of design improvements we provided: The glass insertion system was developed and improved to meet comfort, cost, usability requested
  • Time from design to functional prototype: 8 months
  • Applicable certifications for selling in the EU & USA: FDA
  • Tooling necessary for mass production: plastic injection
  • Critical components: cap, sunglasses and insertion mechanism
  • Minimum order quantity in each color: 200pcs
  • Number of assembly workstations: 6
  • Highest sources of risks in assembly: glueing process of the nose pad on the glasses.
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