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Common LVD, RED, and EMC Compliance & Recall Risks for Electrical Products Sold in the EU & UK [Research]

Sofeast commissioned some research recently on which electrical products being imported into the EU fell foul of the LVD, RED, and EMC regulations over a recent 6-month period, what the issues were, and what actions were taken by market surveillance … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things Affecting Electronic Product Design Costs

Sofeast’s Andrew Amirnovin, reliability expert and head of New Product Development, joins Adrian from the team to go through his top 10 things that affect electronic product designs (although they’re also relevant for many types of products in a lot … Continue reading

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What Manufacturing Process Controls Are Important In Battery Factories?

Nearly all the electronic products we have worked on include a battery. It is always a critical component since a failure of the battery means a failure of the whole product. You may think batteries are very standard and mature … Continue reading

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11 Common Electronic Product Certification And Compliance Requirements

Regulatory electronic product certification requirements can present challenges for organizations looking to design, develop and market electrical and electronic products in different countries around the world. As these requirements are primarily focused on particular products, use cases and generally the … Continue reading
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