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China’s Borders Reopen to all + What is Applying for a Business Visa like? [Podcast]

Renaud and Adrian from Sofeast share the positive news that China is reopening its borders to all travellers today, March 15th 2023, because they are starting to issue tourist visas now. After 3 years of Covid-driven entry restrictions, we look … Continue reading

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Would it be Safe to Visit China AFTER Chinese New Year 2023?

After reading What Does a Re-Opened China (Without Quarantine) Mean for Foreign Business?, a client asked if it would be safe to fly to China after CNY, in February. Understandably, following the news that China’s borders will be opened to … Continue reading

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2022 Review: Top Stories, Podcasts, and Content from Sofeast

Renaud and Adrian review 2022’s largest geopolitical and news stories that have affected manufacturers with supply chains in China (and other Asian countries to a lesser extent). Of course, they cover Covid and China’s recently dropped strict Zero-Covid policy, as … Continue reading

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How Long To Wear Surgical Masks & N95 Respirators For Best Performance

As we become accustomed to a world with Coronavirus, clients have increasingly asked us for guidance on how long to wear surgical masks and N95 respirators for best performance. While we are not medical professionals, here’s some information that may … Continue reading

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How To Get Responses To Inquiries For PPE Products From Chinese Suppliers? 5 Tips

The market for PPE (personal protective equipment) is booming and, although many Western countries are starting to see positive progress against coronavirus, the need to buy these items is unlikely to dissipate any time soon. But some importers have had … Continue reading

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How To Work With Sofeast To Obtain & Import Coronavirus Medical Supplies & PPE [FAQs]

During the coronavirus pandemic, we’re working with a lot of importers to help them obtain relatively safe and market-priced (as fair as is possible) medical supplies and PPE from China. Clients often have similar questions about this, so here are … Continue reading

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Buying face masks from China? 5 Examples To Avoid

We have seen so many obviously dangerous decisions and communications recently, on the topic of buying face masks from China, that we thought it might be helpful to show a few ‘examples of what to avoid’.

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What are the effects of coronavirus on importers with a China supply chain? [Webinar]

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues its spread around the world, importers who rely on Chinese factories or suppliers feel nervous about the effects on their businesses. To help make things clearer and provide some actionable advice on how to reduce … Continue reading

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Surgical Mask Inspections: Our QC Checklist [Free Download]

These days, many companies are buying surgical masks due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak without knowing much about that type of product. Are you in that situation? If so, here is a generic quality control checklist that we use for … Continue reading

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Coping With Coronavirus 3: How Importers Can Check If A China Factory Is Ready & Has Capacity

Importers are being severely hit by the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia epidemic in China: Many factory workers (operators, inspectors, engineers…) are locked down in Hubei province Perhaps a higher number of factory workers are remaining in their home towns, hesitant to … Continue reading

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