Read this infographic for a guide into how factory audits work in China:

how do factory audits work in China

Importers from China should consider these audits as an essential step towards obtaining the right quality, cost, and delivery times. You deserve the best possible manufacturing partner, and audits will help assure that.

Typically you can choose from the following audits (hit the links below to learn more about each audit’s purpose and benefits. You can also request to discuss them with us and get a quotation):

Initial factory evaluation (IFE)
Quality system audit (QSA)
Blended Systems Audit (BSA)
Social compliance audit (SCA)

Read more about audits in our blog here: Hiring a Consultant to Prepare a Factory Audit, here: Factory Audits and Product Inspections: Similarities and Differences, and here: ISO 9000 audits for your China suppliers

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