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Vietnam continues to be a popular alternative to China for today’s importers. Let’s explore it…

Renaud interviews Simon Caballero, a Hanoi-based purchasing manager and expert on manufacturing in Vietnam, to discuss the manufacturing industry in Vietnam, common risks and issues you will face when manufacturing garments there, and the relationship between developing new products and manufacturing in Vietnam and China.

Simon, originally from Barcelona, Spain, has a background in logistics and over a decade of experience in sourcing all kinds of products in Asia, with particular expertise in China and Vietnam (a growing manufacturing hub and popular alternative to China). In recent years he has been focused on the garment industry (specifically workwear).

If you’re interested in learning more about manufacturing in Vietnam, Simon’s insight directly from the ground there in this episode is going to be fascinating!


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🎧 Simon Caballero | Common Risks & Issues When Making Garments In Vietnam 🎧

Here’s a summary of key sections of this episode:

✅ How workwear has evolved to become more technical garments.
✅ Categories and features of different factories in Vietnam and who they’re most suitable for – typically 3 types: Foreign-owned/Locally-owned/State-owned.
✅ The impact of Tet/CNY on material and logistics prices in early 2021 – similar to China, raw material and logistics cost increases.
✅ What the different areas of Vietnam are, and the specialties of each in terms of industries and materials – these vary from North to South, with the North having more raw materials and the South having more specialized and technical manufacturing.
✅ The differences between North and South Vietnam.
✅ Is developing new products in Vietnam feasible right now? – interesting insight here into the maturity of Vietnam for NPD and its strong links to China for materials and components amongst other things.
✅ Performing QC in Vietnam and its challenges – compared to China, Vietnam has fewer experienced QC inspectors which can lead to challenges when trying to manage quality there.


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Does Vietnam play a part in your supply chain, or are you planning to move some production there in 2021 and beyond? Let us know by leaving a comment, please.


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