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What is compliance testing consulting?

Do you wonder what standards your products need to comply with? Do you have no time to look for the information?

You can request quotations from testing laboratories you’ll find on Google, however, there are 5 common sources of frustration for buyers that we see coming from labs:

Ask three testing houses and you might get 3 different lists of applicable tests since each one interprets regulations in its own way.

They don’t always clarify what is mandatory vs. suggested tests (since they want to sell you more testing).

They ignore elements that could be taken into consideration (e.g. certifications of certain materials, the fact that a key component comes from an international manufacturer…) since they decrease risk.

If your order includes several SKUs that are different but share some materials and/or colors, setting up a ‘reasonable’ testing plan (rather than testing every single SKU fully) can often cut costs by more than half while keeping risks down.

If your product is out of the ordinary or is across 2 sensitive categories (e.g. food contact and for children), they might forget some critical standards. This is a common issue due to the way they manage their databases.

Confused? Don’t be! We help you manage that entire process if the multitude of options is too much to handle.

Some common FAQs about compliance testing consulting

Because as your partner, Sofeast has a broad experience of working on certifications of new products and on compliance validation on production batches. Reading and analyzing regulations, especially from the USA, the European Union, Canada, and Australia, is a regular part of our team’s work.

Any importer who buys products from abroad and puts them on a market. Compliance with regulations is NOT optional.

We start from your situation, we define the scope of work (based on your needs), and we give you a quotation.

Note: We will ask for your budget. If we see we can’t help you within your budget, we will refer you to another service provider who will be a better fit.

It depends on your needs, but in general, you will get:

  • A list of tests to perform, with a few comments
  • Quotations from 2 trusted laboratories

Most of our customers choose us to manage the compliance process in China, but we do also do this in Vietnam, India, and other South-East Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, etc, on occasion, too.

  • You will also find sample evaluation and comparison helpful in order to assure that the samples you’re getting from a potential supplier or from pre-production with your current supplier reach your expectations and you can proceed without the fear of damaging issues with your production batches later on.
  • Sofeast also provides product reliability testing, too. By using this service we help you to find ways to improve or confirm your new product design by testing its ability to perform throughout the course of its lifetime (we usually use our own in-house testing laboratory and equipment for this).

What does it cost?

The total depends on the scope of work to be done, but it’s engineering-level work at charged at 45 USD per hour. To get a better idea of the costs for your unique situation, hit the blue button below to arrange to discuss it with us and get a quote.

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