Our facility is located in Shenzhen’s Free Trade Zone in Pingshan, near Yantian international container port, in South China right next to Hong Kong.

It is divided into 300 square meters for inspection & repacking activities and over 2,000 square meters for storage. 

Why the Shenzhen free trade zone?

The FTZ provides you with:

  • Ability to collect goods from your suppliers and have the flexibility to ship them when and where you need
  • No duties to pay for imported goods (including goods received from overseas, repaired, and shipped out again)
  • Less paperwork and faster turnaround in some situations

It is the ideal location for a fulfillment center in certain situations.

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kitting and assembly

Kitting & Assembly

We receive and inspect your components and/or goods, combine them (kitting) or do simple assembly, and test the finished goods. We can pack & ship them to you from our facility in the SZ FTZ. Solution provided for very small series to large batches. Full visibility on QC and issues, if any.

co packing solution


We pack all of your products as per your specifications. We work to strict quality standards in a clean environment. Our process engineers set up the lines, and we can automate if required for high volumes. We can hold inventory if needed and ship it to where you (or your customers) need it.

storage and fulfillment solution

China Fulfillment Center

Shipping your goods from China to do final packing locally usually makes no sense. Part of our facility is dedicated to labeling, packing, storage, & providing a logistical platform for dispatching products overseas. Your goods (from one or multiple suppliers) can be picked, packed, & shipped in response to market demand.

Defective Product Repair and Rework

Defective Product Repair & Rework

You’ve received products from your Chinese supplier with a high number of defects. We receive them at our facility and sort them into those that can be reworked and ‘salvaged’ and those that cannot. We rework them, check them again, and ship them to you. We can probably also return rejected goods to your supplier.

100% inspection before packing

100% Inspection Before Packing

If your Chinese supplier struggles to produce consistent quality and you’re concerned about receiving inferior quality goods, we take direct delivery of your products from them at our FTZ facility, inspect them and sort out ‘bad’ pieces, and only pack and ship them to you if the quality is acceptable.

We serve the supply chains of these retailers and corporations

Explore our two facilities for receiving your products or components and the services provided at each

sofeast 2 fulfillment facilities

Take a look at our Shenzhen free trade zone facility in action

sofeast sz ftz facility mini tour video

We discuss the benefits of the Free Trade Zone facility in this episode of our podcast:

Read FAQs about our Free Trade Zone facility

Get answers to questions like “When does it make more sense to do something in the Free Trade Zone than outside it?”

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