In many cases, new Sofeast clients will benefit from choosing to work with a dedicated project manager who we can provide to handle your project on the ground in China. This takes away the stress of battling with time-difference, language barrier, and fire-fighting issues as they arise.

We provide your project manager at an affordable cost. This person acts as your single point of contact and works as a part of your team to assure that your project is kept on track, with costs, delays, and quality kept at an acceptable level.

What will my project manager do for me?

They will do the following to provide you with maximum peace of mind:

  • Handle your supplier in person, on the phone, and can even visit their factory in order to keep them on track and add some pressure where required
  • Track your project’s progress, reporting to you daily, and checking that the supplier is reaching your standards and following agreed-upon procedures
  • Speak both Chinese and English, allowing them to communicate with your supplier and keep you updated at all times.
  • Translate documents to assure that you have visibility over what is happening
  • … and many more useful actions, too

Read more: You can learn even more about how Sofeast’s project managers can help you by reading this blog post and read the Sofeast client charter to get our guidance on how to work most effectively with your project manager and the rest of our team, too.


What does project management cost?

We bill 34 USD an hour for project management and supply chain-related work. (Amount negotiable for a consistent number of hours every month, on retainer.)
Expenses, if any, are charged separately.

Ready to get started with supplier management?

Click here to book a project manager.

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