Yes, we can! As you probably know, to transfer tooling and molds between your old supplier in China to a new one isn’t as easy as just picking it up and delivering it to the new location.

A source of anxiety

If your relationship with your old supplier is coming to an end for whatever reason it can be an anxious time as tooling/molds are both costly and critical to your IP.

  • You need to be careful that your old supplier doesn’t retain your tooling and start making your products with them off the books.
  • You’ll also want to avoid creating brand new tooling and molds which could be very expensive.
  • It’s tough to handle the transfer and assess the state of your tooling/molds from a different continent (assuming that you’re not in China).

This is where an orderly and methodical transfer will help you.

Sofeast’s 13 step tooling transfer process

Sofeast has performed these tooling and mold transfers for clients many times as we have engineers on the ground in China who work on your behalf to assure that it runs smoothly.
We split our tried-and-tested process into 2 phases:

This process is split into two phases:

  1. Checking and pickup of molds/tooling from the current supplier & shipping to new supplier
  2. Delivery & testing the molds/tooling in the new supplier’s factory and completing the transfer

You can read in detail about the entire 13 step tooling transfer process here.

We also wrote about how to package tooling to prevent damage and rust in transit, too!

Get help with your mold and tooling transfer

Are you in a similar situation and unsure about how to proceed?

Sofeast has dealt with this before for many clients.

Just click here to speak with us. We’ll subsequently arrange a consultation to listen to your situation and suggest how we can help you.


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