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Chinese e-Bike/Scooter Battery Fire Risks Are No Joke! [Podcast]

Renaud is joined by regular guest, Clive Greenwood, an international product compliance expert based in China. They talk about the growing risks of Li-ion batteries used in Chinese e-bikes and scooters amid many high-profile fires in China, deaths in the … Continue reading

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Buying Lithium Batteries From China: Key Criteria [List]

Many of today’s consumer electronic products include batteries, so buying lithium batteries from China is a common requirement for many importers. But when you’re sourcing battery suppliers, what are the key criteria you’re going to need to research in order … Continue reading

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Battery Safety Testing 101 For Buyers + Videos

Batteries are an integral component for many of today’s electronics, so battery safety testing should be a key concern for importers. Don’t forget that, as the importer of either batteries or electronic devices that include batteries, you’re liable for consumer … Continue reading

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Types Of Batteries For Buyers Of Consumer Electronics [Introductory Guide]

Sourcing batteries for your new electronic product can be confusing. There are so many different types that selecting the most appropriate in terms of cost, features, and performance can be challenging for buyers… An important part of the electronic product … Continue reading

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