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10 Common Problems From Chinese Suppliers & How To Deal With Them [Podcast]

Adrian and Renaud get together to talk about 10 common problems that companies with Chinese manufacturing suppliers often face, AND how you can deal with them. Hopefully, you are not one of the unlucky ones, but being prepared with the … Continue reading

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Our supplier is selling our product as their own! | Disputes with Chinese suppliers Q&A (Volume 20)

Question: We received a marketing email from our Chinese supplier showing one of our products and claiming it is theirs. What can we do? This used to be more common about 15 years ago when suppliers would show their customer’s … Continue reading

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Can Getting To Market First Stop Copycats? [Podcast]

A recent China Law Blog article outlined why getting to market first with your new product isn’t great protection against copycats these days, especially if corners have been cut in the name of speed. Some entrepreneurs believe that skipping IP … Continue reading

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Will A China NNN Agreement Protect Us If We Start Assembling Products There?

Security of your IP is a great concern these days, especially if you’re manufacturing an innovative product that is selling well. For this reason, some businesses choose to ship their China-made components to the West and do assembly there. But … Continue reading

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Chinese Copycats: A Real Problem For Entrepreneurs?

IP protection is always a concern for businesses and entrepreneurs, especially when manufacturing an innovative new product. Chinese copycats, or fast followers, are a threat to your new product and business as these vendors may mobilize quickly to copy and … Continue reading

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How To Create A New Product Inspired By An Existing Design?

Sometimes customers ask us: “How to create a new product based on a product that’s already on the market?” While it is possible to do this, and we can help, we have to tread the line between what is and … Continue reading

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