2 sofeast facilities for receiving products and components

Which of our 2 facilities for receiving products or components to choose, and what we do there?

You have 2 options of locations for your suppliers to send products or components to for storage in our warehouses (partly climate-controlled if required) and their subsequent fulfillment by us. Which you choose will depend on your requirements:

1. Your suppliers can deliver the goods EXW our Dongguan facility (before exporting) if:

  • Some more complex product assembly and/or product testing (beyond simple visual checks) has to be done
  • Some/all of the products have to be dropshipped to end-users (Dongguan is where we have the warehouse with the right setup for drop shipping).
  • There is a risk some of the products/components from the suppliers have to be sent back to those suppliers after our quality inspection.

2. Your suppliers can deliver the goods FOB our Shenzhen Free Trade Zone facility (after they export) if:

  • Some of the products or accessories come from outside China (and importing them for later exporting them is a lot of unneeded processing).
  • The work is only co-packing (unpacking, kitting/bundling, repacking, and shipping), or simple kitting and assembly.
  • Nothing needs to be drop-shipped.
  • You are fairly confident that nothing will need to be sent back to the suppliers. (Note that we can help conduct quality inspections on-site at their facility to assure it before your suppliers deliver their goods to us.)

Your QC options

  • We can have trained inspectors perform incoming inspections on the components/products at either facility. Their rate is a bit higher than that of the operators. Inspections can be on just a small sample, or on 100% of the pieces.
  • We can also give simple instructions to the operators who will do the unpacking and the repacking, but it really has to be simple. “Check if there is a red logo on top” is good for production operators. In contrast, “check if the logo is not upside down, check that it is the same color as that Pantone code, and check that it is 2 ¼ inches away from the side,” calls for a quality inspector.

How shipments are managed

  • We can handle the shipments too if needed. We have in-house logistics specialists. (For air shipments, we often book the space with the airlines directly.)
  • We can provide quotes based on the incoterm that you need. The most common is ‘Delivered Duty Unpaid’ or ‘Delivered Duty Paid’ (door to door).

What we need from you to provide a quotation

  • We need to know how many seconds we will spend on each piece for the work to do.
    • We will need to know more about the products, their size, etc., and a video of how to do the unpacking, bundling, and repacking.
    • Alternatively, we can receive samples of all the elements, and photos of the desired result (after kitting & packing), and do an estimate of the time it takes.
  • We will also need to know the quantity of the products, the space they will take, and how fast they will be shipped out.

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