Supplier performance management solutions provide engineers & auditors to train, challenge, and/or support your suppliers’ factories in China, Vietnam, and wider Asia, so they improve systems, processes, & reliability.

We will support you on the ground in Asia to effectively to handle and solve all of these types of cases:

  • You work with a supplier who has their heart in the right place, but who needs to get to the next level.
  • Your supplier needs to be challenged to move ahead with improvements.
  • They need training to become more self-sufficient.
  • Your production ran into issues, but nothing your supplier is doing seems to be working.
  • You feel that you need an engineer on the ground in your supplier’s facility to observe the situation and follow a structured approach to fix the problem/s.

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production issue management

Manufacturing Troubleshooting

If your supplier seems unable to get one of their processes under control, claim they can’t go as fast as your plans require them to, or mentions costs higher than anticipated, our engineers will work with you and them on-site to get to the root of these problems and implement permanent solutions in order to get production ‘unstuck.’

Common tools used are 8D & root cause analysis, small trials and adjustments, and control plans to help maintain the gains.

supplier self inspection enablement

Supplier Self Inspection Enablement

Buyers who are key customers of an Asian supplier’s factory, placing say USD 5 million+ of orders per year, could reduce QC budgets by training the supplier to conduct their own inspections.

A lot of groundwork needs to be laid, which Sofeast handles, identifying what to monitor, defining a strategy, reviewing plans, implementing them, and providing ongoing training, coaching, and monitoring to the supplier.

Supplier Improvement Audit

You need your supplier to improve the consistency of their products.

Sofeast audits their systems and processes with a monthly or bimonthly re-auditing program, give them to-do actions and the necessary support to make the required progress, and review their progress.

This is a great route to more mature systems and processes, which in turn mean fewer issues of all kinds.

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