Sofeast’s quality, engineering, and supply chain experts have helped clients to develop, manufacture, and inspect many types of products in China and Asia over the years, and on this page, we’re sharing a number of useful videos and resources to give importers thorough information on a number of the products that we’re most experienced in working with.

Just select the product category you are interested in to see the videos and content.

  • Electrical products
  • Mechanical products
  • Apparel & Textiles
  • Other hard goods


Mechanical products

  • Casting/injection molds
  • Car parts
  • Machinery
  • Construction structures
  • Components

Apparel & Textiles

  • Knit garments
  • Woven garments
  • Shoes
  • Bags, accessories
  • Home textile

Other hard goods

Explore examples of the many types of products we deal with in our sample inspection reports – you will see examples of inspections we’ve conducted on various hardlines such as furniture, softlines such as garments, consumer electronics of many kinds, and industrial parts and components, too:

Sample Inspection Reports

Why share this information?

Sofeast exists to make importers’ lives easier and to get you better results from your Chinese and Asian suppliers, therefore sharing useful knowledge where we can is an important part of helping our clients and potential clients.

Get help to check the quality of your products wherever they're made

quality assurance solutions

If you’re having quality issues with the products that you’re importing, Sofeast can help you.

Our quality inspection team operate across Asia and beyond, so we can be where your supply chain is located.

We have a comprehensive range of product quality inspection solutions which enable you to check your quality throughout the manufacturing process. Not only will we help catch problems before the products are shipped, but we’ll also help you to solve consistent quality issues.

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