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sofeast china fulfillment center

You need a reliable China fulfillment center to support you in order to store some finished products and have them repacked and/or sent as needed to your customers or into your distribution channels. We have the facility, the tools, and the team to do that.

Shipping your goods from China to do final packing in Hong Kong, or locally in your country, makes no sense and is expensive. Part of our facility is dedicated to labeling, packing, storage, and providing a logistical platform for dispatching products in several countries.

Our labeling/packing lines are quite flexible, and give you real-time visibility. As well as warehousing, your goods (from a single or multiple suppliers) are picked, packed, and shipped in direct response to market demand.

You may have more than one Chinese supplier and we can receive your goods from all of them in one place without expensive international shipping. We can kit or pack the products per your requirements and label and ship them globally to yourself or your clients individually.

If you do not wish different suppliers to know who else you deal with, when combining products into a kit or a set, for example, our center keeps your final business confidential from them.

Let’s say a company based in the US buys products from 10 Chinese suppliers. All those suppliers ship their goods to our central 1,100 square meter warehouse where they’re kept in stock. Every day, orders come in, for instance: Ship 200 pcs to that Australian distributor, ship 30 individual packages to 30 different consumers in the US, and ship 8 individual packages to 8 different consumers in Canada. We handle the entire process for you.

Explore our two facilities for receiving your products or components and the services provided at each.

  • Storage and labor costs are lower when using our local Chinese center in comparison to local fulfillment centers in North America or Europe.
  • We can send shipments to several countries, so you don’t need to get all the goods in one distribution center and dispatch them again to other countries.
  • The Shenzhen Free Trade Zone also allows your suppliers to get their VAT rebates quickly as the goods are considered to have been exported once they are with us. There is also less red tape to contend with when shipping from the free trade zone, leading to a faster turnaround on your orders and delivery times.
  • Finally, we can provide a comprehensive local procurement service where we handle your Chinese procurement as a local company. This improves trust, payment speeds, and insulates you from being messed around, as your local supplier is dealing with us, another local company, in Chinese, and with an enforceable contract.

We send you regular updates and, at a minimum, we keep all the information up to date in an online spreadsheet so you know the status at any time.

If needed, we can implement and give you login access to a software that shows at any moment what we have in stock and what we have processed & shipped. Or, if you already have an IT system to manage this operation, we can use that instead. To be discussed, on a case by case basis.

What does using our China fulfillment center cost?
We provide a quotation based on the amount of work we estimate, based on the number of square meters your products will occupy in our China fulfillment center warehouse, and (as needed) based on the shipping cost.

Please request a quote for costs for your project, however, here are the basic cost drivers:

  • Storage: number of pallets and duration of storage
  • Handling work, pick and pack work, inspection work
  • Shipping mode, destination, weight & volume

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