Four China Sourcing Options And Tips

In this episode of our podcast, our CEO and your host and Adrian from the team discuss your four China sourcing options:

  1. Commissioned agents
  2. Trading companies
  3. Third-party service providers (like Sofeast) who provide sourcing as a paid service
  4. Doing it yourself by going direct to manufacturers,

You’ll understand who each of these sourcing options could be suitable for and get an idea of each of their pros and cons.

If you do decide to tackle your own sourcing, R directly from manufacturers in China, Renaud also provides insights into the tasks, effort, and time you’ll need to put in and shares some tips & best practices for you to consider.


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🎧 Four Options For Sourcing From China & Sourcing Best Practices 🎧

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Here’s what’s included in the episode…

✅ Is sourcing from China as simple as finding a supplier on Alibaba, Global Sources, etc?
✅ The dangers of going for ‘the lowest price’
✅ What YOU need to be able to commit to if you’re sourcing from China yourself
✅ If you’re planning to source from China, what options do you have?
✅ Some closing tips from Renaud for better sourcing from China
✅ Tackling quality management
…and much more!


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