Surgical Mask Inspections Our QC Checklist [Free Download] These days, many companies are buying surgical masks due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak without knowing much about that type of product. Are you in that situation? If so, here is a generic quality control checklist that we use for standard surgical mask inspections.

Note, the checklist needs adapting for other types of masks such as N95 respirators (contact us if you need help with that).


The QC checklist we use at Sofeast for surgical mask inspections

surgical mask inspections qc checklist 1
surgical mask inspections qc checklist 2
If you’re planning on producing or buying surgical masks, as many people who are contacting us recently are, then this checklist will help you to assure that they reach your quality requirements. In the case of medical safety equipment like these masks, this cannot be more important.

You can download the checklist for your own use by hitting the button below:

Important notes for buyers of standard surgical masks

standard surgical masks

  • When you are on-site and there is no specialized testing equipment, there is no way (that we know of) to test the non-woven fabric and confirm it blocks particles above a certain size.
  • Purchasing medical supplies from an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer is (much) safer.
  • These types of products are usually made in a relatively high-grade clean room. Don’t be impressed by a simple clean room designed for electronic or food factories — that’s not sufficient.
  • Make sure you know the expiration date before you buy the masks. Yes, they have a certain lifetime and they need to be disposed of beyond the expiration date.
  • Wearing a mask is NOT a reliable way of preventing an infection by the COVID 19 virus or other forms of coronaviruses. It is good for someone infected to wear a mask to reduce the risk of infecting other people. But it is not a 100% safe approach.
  • Other important measures are avoiding close contact with many people (especially in a close environment), keeping one’s hands clean, and not touching one’s face with one’s hands.


What else can we tell you about the COVID-19 Coronavirus and its effect on manufacturing & importers?

Here at Sofeast we’ve been on the frontlines here in China during the epidemic and have been blogging about the virus and its effects. Take a look:

Our CEO, Renaud, has also blogged about the virus a lot on our blog ‘’ Start by reading this post.


We are not lawyers. What we wrote above is based only on our understanding of the regulatory requirements. We do not present this information as a basis for you to make decisions, and we do not accept any liability if you do so. Please consult a lawyer before taking action.

About Renaud Anjoran

Our founder and CEO, Renaud Anjoran, is a recognised expert in quality, reliability, and supply chain issues. He is also an ASQ-Certified ‘Quality Engineer’, ‘Reliability Engineer’, and ‘Quality Manager’, and a certified ISO 9001, 13485, and 14001 Lead Auditor.

His key experiences are in electronics, textiles, plastic injection, die casting, eyewear, furniture, oil & gas, and paint.

Are YOU concerned about the effect of the Coronavirus epidemic in China on your business?
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