Right To Repair: Blessing or Curse for Manufacturers? [Podcast]Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran talks about the ‘Right To Repair’ movement and regulations that are starting to come into being here in late 2021 with Adrian from the team.

As sustainability is starting to permeate the public’s consciousness, the mountains of e-waste produced each year are giving brands a bad name and upsetting customers. The right to repair aims to mitigate this problem.

What is the right to repair, why is it important, how could it affect manufacturers and electronic product design, and is it a headache or an opportunity for companies who’re developing new electronic products?


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 Introduction. 
  • 01:38 – What is the right to repair? 
  • 09:21 – Why and where are we seeing right to repair legislation appearing? 
  • 12:54 – What is included in the right to repair regulation (EU version)? 
  • 15:11 – How some hard-to-repair products are more durable & reliable and benefits of this. 
  • 18:51 – Apple as an example of products where being hard to repair enhances their durability. 
  • 23:58 – How product design may change to embrace ‘Design For Repair/Maintainability’ in future and is it an opportunity? 
  • 27:05 – Can right to repair discourage planned obsolescence? 
  • 31:39 – Optimizing products and how this can make a designer’s job tougher. 
  • 32:59 – Wrapping up.


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