Let’s hear from an electronics supply chain expert about how to improve supply chain resilience and reduce risks…

Richard Barnett Electronics Supply Chain Risk Management in 2021 [Podcast]

Richard Barnett of Supplyframe, an expert in electronics supply chains with decades of experience in Asia,  joins Adrian to discuss risk management & reduction in the electronics supply chain.

After the year many importers of electronics had in 2020, reducing risks, improving supply chain agility and resilience, and planning ahead as standard has now become more commonplace – listen to the podcast for some really interesting takeaways which will resonate if you have been affected by the pandemic, amongst other things recently, and help you kick-start your risk management and reduction strategy and activities!


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🎧 Richard Barnett | Electronics Supply Chain Risk Management in 2021 🎧

Here’s a summary of key sections of this episode:

✅ Why pay attention to reducing risks now in 2021?

✅ The effects of the pandemic on electronics supply chains around the world.

✅ The US/China trade war – is it truly as large a risk factor as some think?

✅ Key supply chain risks and changes in 2021 – US/China trade war tariffs, Korea and Japan trade tensions, FAB production capacity, memory production capacity, and more.

✅ How and why some importers were not prepared to cope with sudden risks like the pandemic.

✅ Richard’s advice on what importers should do to improve supply chain resilience and reduce risks in future.


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If you’re an importer of electronics, what steps have you taken to improve your supply chain’s resilience and reduce risks post-pandemic? Which of Richard’s pieces of advice, such as building alternative suppliers of key components into your design BOM, did you find most useful?

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