Renaud discusses why some foreign buyers bend too far at the cost of protecting their own business with Chinese manufacturers in order to be a good ‘partner.’ Here’s why this is a misguided intention, and some advice on what you can do to actually build a good and secure medium to long-term relationship.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 01:22 – Why some buyers are attracted to ‘partnering up’ and what it really means.
  • 05:18 – What is the basis for a good partnership that really makes sense for buyers who develop their own products?
  • 08:24 – How about the relationship for buyers purchasing existing products from an ODM?
  • 13:33 – Why there is an unspoken assumption by Chinese ODM suppliers that if they do you a favor, you will owe them one back.
  • 15:57 – Leaving things open because you want a good partnership with a supplier and don’t want to upset them by enforcing a contract is a recipe for trouble.
  • 22:31 – Activities you can take as a buyer that will actually help to build a good relationship with your supplier.
  • 31:02 – Be aware of your track record with suppliers, because word spreads.
  • 35:00 – Wrapping up.


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