Tips On How To Get Suppliers To Zero Defects [Podcast]

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined by two very experienced manufacturing practitioners and consultants to discuss how to drive a zero-defect initiative with your key suppliers. Podcast regular and six sigma black belt Clive Greenwood and pure lean consultant Max Phythian complete the panel.

You’ll learn the importance of building a relationship with these suppliers as important partners, what buyers need to do to develop the supplier, how fewer defects can be achieved, and hear some interesting examples from the careers of the speakers.

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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 02:03 –  What does it take to get a key supplier to put in the work to go closer to zero defects?
  • 09:39 – How to create the conditions required for better quality?
  • 18:13 – How to speak with your supplier’s top management to spur the effort to go to zero defects?
  • 27:22 – About CoQ (cost of quality). How to change a supplier’s mindset that ‘better quality will require higher prices?’
  • 33:13 – Since the 80s large organizations like Auto manufacturers improved quality a lot. What caused this (better communication, more awareness of CoQ, better incentives)?
  • 35:38 – How should people in a less-regulated industry, such as general consumer goods, approach their suppliers about reducing defects quickly?
  • 42:38 – Let’s say you have a key supplier and their quality isn’t improving over the years even though they know your standard. What can be done to push them to improve? Stick or carrot?
  • 47:39 – Wrapping up


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