Renaud and Andrew, Sofeast’s head of New Product Development, are in the booth discussing how a supplier’s quality can be evaluated and validated. In order to avoid purchasing parts or materials that will let you down, you need to be able to assess if a supplier is capable of reaching your requirements, and they’re going to tell you how!


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introducing today’s topic.
  • 01:31 – Why is supplier quality important?
  • 05:56 – When should you start being concerned with supplier’s quality and what should you do to mitigate risks of poor quality?
  • 15:33 – Why the quality team must help to include your quality standards in the PRD (product requirement document).
  • 22:05 – Why small businesses may benefit from working with a supplier who has in-house engineering resources.
  • 23:32 – Doing due diligence to qualify that a supplier’s quality is good.
  • 33:16 – Checking the supplier’s QMS.
  • 35:07 – Audits can also uncover helpful information about suppliers.
  • 37:35 – Formalize approved suppliers.
  • 41:43 – Wrapping up.


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