Renaud recently appeared on “The Seller Process Podcast” with its host Gianmarco to discuss the NPI process for effective product development and risk mitigation for entrepreneurs who are bringing a new product to market soon.

They cover the following topics:

  • Discover the essential steps to effectively navigate the product development process.
  • Learn to identify and tackle risks in order to safeguard your project’s success.
  • Uncover the critical role communication plays in ensuring smooth collaboration.
  • Adapt the development process to meet the unique needs of your product.
  • Recognize the value of seeking expert advice to enhance your project outcomes.


Get help from Sofeast with your new product introduction

Having watched or listened to this episode you’re probably thinking about how to bring your product to market. There are lots of ways we can help you get started, so take a look:

  • READ 👉 The New Product Introduction Process Guide
    The NPI process is complex and some businesses who are new to it need a helping hand to understand what it entails, how to find a manufacturer, what design reviews are, optimizing for better costs and quality, pre-production preparation, and more. It’s all here in this free guide.
  • WATCH 👉 The NPI process we follow at Sofeast when you work with us
    Renaud explains the 6-phase NPI process that Sofeast follows and has developed over the years when working with customers on bringing a variety of products to market.
  • LOOK 👉 This diagram shows the typical NPI process that we follow:
    sofest NPI process for products made in larger quantities
  • DOWNLOAD 👉 New Product Launch Roadmap [Excel Sheet + Exclusive Explainer Video]
    Use our roadmap as a guide for your launch
    We’ll help you to do what you need in order to reduce the risk of being among the 90%+ of projects that fail to be on time, on budget, and at the desired quality. Our ‘new product launch roadmap’ unveils the steps that your supplier will never tell you are needed, and yet all veteran buyers consider as indispensable. Sofeast New Product Launch Roadmap
  • WORK WITH US 👉 New Product Introduction in China Solution
    Our project managers and engineers help entrepreneurs, hardware startups, and midsize companies get into a position where they can successfully launch the production of a new product by providing a comprehensive new product introduction framework and support throughout.
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